Did you know your pet has a carbon pawprint?

Our pets enrich our lives in so many ways. They are our best friends, always happy to see us when we get home with a purr or a wagging tail. Our pets are valued members of the family and have a huge part to play in the happiness and enjoyment of our lives, but did you know they have their own carbon pawprint too?

Whilst much smaller than the typical UK adults carbon footprint, Cats and dogs can emit from 310kg of CO2e for a medium cat, up to a whopping 4 tonnes of CO2e for a large Great Dane! This is largely due to the fact that they are carnivores, whilst small furries with a vegetarian diet like rabbits and guinea pigs have a much smaller impact.

Luckily there are ways that we can reduce our pets impacts, offsetting their carbon pawprint being a great place to start...

Your pet deserves the best, so does our planet...

Offset your cat

Your cat is your companion, confidante and friend. You see their inner tiger every day in how they interact and fit so perfectly into the natural world around them. Help to preserve our beautiful planet together and offset your cats carbon pawprint today.

Offset your dog

Long walks in the woods, exploring the park or simply sitting in the garden with you - dogs are at their happiest when enjoying the great outdoors. A big part of your journey together happens outside within nature, help to protect it for future walkies by reducing your dogs environmental impact today.

Make it a family affair and offset your own carbon footprint and other pets too...

Horse mad? Responsible rabbit owner? Hamster hero? We can help you offset all sorts of pets carbon paw and hoofprints! Contact us today and we will find a way.

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